OverheatingOverheating Laptops – Causes and Solutions

Laptop overheating is a prevalent issue faced by many users and it can be attributed to several factors.

Dust Accumulation and Stuck Fan

One common reason is the accumulation of dust within the internal fan obstructing airflow which leads to overheating. Sometimes dust may solidify then a sudden knock or movement dislodges this which then traps the fan preventing from spinning.

Faulty Fan and Inadequate Heat Paste

Another possibility is a faulty fan that emits unusual noises over time which indicates a potential problem. Additionally, inadequate heat paste can contribute to overheating when it becomes dry and ineffective in facilitating heat transfer.

Expert Solutions – Professional Overheating Cleaning High Quality Heat Paste Application

At Laptop Fix, we have the expertise to address these concerns effectively. Our skilled technicians use air compressors to clean laptops, removing dust particles that obstruct proper airflow. Subsequently, we apply fresh, high-quality heat paste to ensure efficient heat transfer between the CPU and heat sink.

Timely Repairs

If you bring your over-heating laptop to our workshop in the morning, there’s a good chance we can complete the repair on the same day. However, if a new fan is needed, the sourcing time may vary, taking up to a day or two from local UK suppliers and around 10 to 14 days from international suppliers.

Free Inspections and Reliable Solutions for Over-heating Repairs

At Laptop Fix, we offer free inspections for laptops experiencing overheating issues. Our technicians thoroughly assess the problem to provide an accurate solution.

Trustworthy and Efficient Service

We take pride in our team’s dedication to providing trustworthy and efficient solutions to keep your laptop running smoothly and prevent further overheating problems.

Don’t Let Over-heating Slow You Down

Don’t let laptop over-heating slow you down! Let Laptop Fix take care of the issue, ensuring your laptop operates optimally and extends its lifespan. More information can be found on Wikipedia or contact us via our contact form