Broken Non Charging DC USB Socket Repair

Common Issues and Solutions

Broken non charging DC USB socket repair happens over time with repeated insertion and removal of the charger. This can loosen and break the DC USB socket power jack port which leads to power failure, as the battery doesn’t receive a charge.

A separate issue arises when the charger itself has damaged or disconnected wires, requiring manipulation for charging. However, this worsens the problem, potentially causing DC socket failure. In such cases, both the socket and charger must be replaced.

USB Type C SocketUSB Type C Broken Non Charging Sockets

Usb Type C sockets demand intricate micro soldering due to compleity. Prolonged movement causes sever track damage, possibly requiring specialist repair. A free inspection can determine a viable repair solution.


Indicative symptoms of Broken Non Charging DC USB Socket Repair issues include:

  • Loose and unstable feeling when plugging in the charger.
  • Random laptop shutdowns.
  • Requiring specific charger positioning to maintain charging.
  • New charger not resolving laptop dysfunction.

Broken Non Charging DC USB Socket Repair Service

 Laptop Fix can diagnose and replace faulty components, effectively resolving these problems. Laptop Fix thoroughly assess chargers and sockets, replacing damaged parts in most instances. By addressing these issues promptly, you can restore your laptop’s functionality and avoid further complications.

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