Dead No Power – All in One Desktop Computer Repair

If your All in One desktop computer repair shows no signs of life, start by checking the power source and connections. Ensure the power cord is securely plugged in and test a different outlet. Check the fuse inside the plug, If it’s still unresponsive, the power supply may be faulty or the socket broken or a more serious motherboard issue . Laptop fix can diagnose and replace faulty power supplies and DC sockets the same or next day.

Imac Repairs

Crashing Blue Screen Error – BSOD

Frequent blue screen errors (aka Blue Screen of Death) can indicate various issues, such as hardware conflicts or a corrupt system. Try updating drivers and run a virus scan which may resolve the issue. If the problem persists Laptop Fix can diagnose the issue and provide a free quotation with a repair completion time.


Broken Sockets – All in One Desktop Computer

Faulty sockets can disrupt device connectivity preventing powering on or intermittent connections. Laptop Fix can replace DC sockets, USB, some Type C sockets and headphone microphone sockets


Running Slow – All in One Desktop Computer

 A sluggish All in One desktop may benefit from software optimization. Clear cache, disable unnecessary start-up programs and ensure your system is free from malware. If performance remains poor, upgrading hardware components like memory RAM or storage might be necessary. 

Upgrading – All in One Desktop Computer

To enhance overall performance, consider upgrading your All in One desktop. Installing more memory RAM or a solid-state drive can significantly boost its speed and responsiveness. Laptop Fix stocks most types of hard drive and can be upgraded the same day, dependant upon data manpulation 

Screen Replacement – All In One Desktops

Laptop Fix can replace iMac screens the next day if brought in before 1pm. Other branded All in One desktop computers it’s a little more difficult with the economical budgetory factor.  It is necessary to research the used value of the computer and compare it with the cost of supplying a screen. Generally, it is economical only if a used screen is found. It’s possible to use our Contact Form to upload pictures and information for All in One Desktop computer screen replacement